Dictionary Hostel Stories – Interview with Helena

13 Apr , 2018 Staff Member Of The Month,The Dictionary Hostel,Things To Do In London

Tell us a bit about yourself?

My name is Helena and I am from Tenerife, Canary Islands, but I grew up mostly in Madrid and a bit in San Diego, California. People like to call me, “Wiki-Helena.”

Why do people call you, “Wiki-Helena?”

People always say how I can talk about anything and that I am a smarty pants. I speak Spanish, English, and German as well.

Why did you come to London?

I originally came to do an internship at the Spanish Embassy here as my background was in International Relations and Tourism.

How did you find out about The Dictionary Hostel?

I use to work in a hotel in Moorgate and I was always travelling, so I was looking for temporary accommodations near my job that was in a cool and vibrant area. The Dictionary seemed like the perfect place for all of my needs.

What was the most memorable experience at the hostel when you were a guest?

It was when I met Berta who was a receptionist at the time. She was setting up the kitchen for breakfast and she was dancing and jumping around. I loved her energy in the morning. She was so vibrant.

Why did you decide to join the hostel reception team?

I was invited to one of the hostel staff parties as I became friendly with some of the staff. Shortly after the party, one of the receptionist was planning to leave and the hostel asked me if I wanted to become a receptionist. It just made sense.

What do you like about working at reception?

I really like the environment and the feel of a hostel, which is different from the hotel world. The Dictionary has a nice vibe about it and you have everything you need here in Shoreditch. You get an opportunity to interact with guests more here. You can go down to the kitchen and strike up a conversation with the most interesting people.

What are your favourite rooms?

Room Q is my favourite! Room Q is a six-bed room and it is quiet and I like the bathroom in there. Room W is cool as well as it has the swing!

What songs do you like to play at reception?

I play Drop Dead Killer – Kora and Come and Get Your Love – Radbone, a lot. It is like we are DJs at reception and people come along and request songs from us all the time.

What places within the hostel area you recommend to guests?

Rolling Stock – I really like the music and vibe of this place. They play R&B, Hip Hop, and house.
The Blues Kitchen – Shoreditch, Lunch, dinner, drinks, garden, and a great band!
Sagardi –  Basque pintxos bar and restaurant located in the heart of the trendy Shoreditch specialised in northern Spain matured beef and fresh fish from Cornwall ports.
Brindisa – Shoreditch, More traditional-style Spanish tapas along with some great paella.