Easter Weekend in London.

15 Mar , 2018 London's Best...,The Dictionary Hostel

O.M.ACTUALGOD. Easter is in a couple of weeks. Which for some people means a weekend to remember the sort of death of a 2000 year old man and for other people it means a long weekend for extra time to party. And if you are me, it means Passover, the best holiday of all times. And for everyone it means eggs made of chocolate and chicks made of chocolate and chocolate made of chicken and eggs (kidding).

If you are thinking of coming to London over Easter, YOU SHOULD. There’s loads to do, because it’s London, and as always, The Dictionary is at the heart of the action in Shoreditch. Get booked in and check out some of our mega picks for the long weekend.

Easter Egg Hunt:
Cadbury’s are hosting egg hunts at National Trust Sites all over the UK, the closest one to the hostel is in leafy Hampstead. Make a day of it and have pub lunch at the Spaniard and then get Sunday drunk in the Holybush. Because there’s no work on Monday!

Party all weekend:
Phonox, Printworks and XOYO all have banging nights/days on. We think you should go so hard that by Tuesday you’ll feel like you’ve been resurrected yourself. In honor, you know.

Do the religion:
If you’re into that kind of thing.
Go to St. Paul’s. Or go to the Finnish Church and combine it with a sauna. .

Hang with us.
We’ll have our regular beer pong/pub crawl weekend activities plus a few other specialities up our sleeves! We’d OBVIOUSLY love it if you wanted to crucify winter and consecrate April with us at Translate Bar!