In Love With London

12 Feb , 2019 Arts,Blogs,Culture,Events,Food & Drink,Guests,humor,London's Best...,Things To Do In London

Falling in love is wonderful as it is easy.  It’s all about amazing conversations, excitement, laughing, seeing everyone and everything in a different light and hopefully lots of great sex! It’s like constantly dating a profile and only seeing the best bits.

Staying in love, well, that’s not so easy.  As time goes by the rose tint disappears and there before you is a person with their faults, their quirks and their less than attractive habits!  But yet you stay. Something deepens within you and you start to truly love the person who is front of you. Warts and all.

This perfectly describes my Love for London.  I arrived in the city a few years ago somewhat green around the edges.  London whipped me up in a frenzy of new friends, extreme temperatures, club nights, quirky fashion and some questionable ‘career’ choices. I was head-over-heels with this city, and much to the annoyance of my friends back home, I couldn’t stop talking about my new love.  

And then the cracks began to appear.  It’s true what they say, winter in London is only for the brave, the rent here is ludicrously high, Londoners are a fearless bunch and you can lose and find yourself here in equal measure. London can be a tough place to be, but this city has given me so much and has made me into the person I am today that I forgive her for her flaws.

So in celebration of our ‘InLoveWithLondon’ week here are our top reasons why you should get yourself here pronto AND stay with us!

The Nightlife!  

There is SO much choice here in London – where do we begin? Shoreditch alone has enough bars and clubs to keep you happy for your entire stay but seeing as we are walking distance from tubes, buses and trains it would be rude not to venture out!  Here are our top-pics:

  • The Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town: A cool speakeasy in the East of London which can be found hidden behind a SMEG fridge door.
  • The Last Tuesday Society: Hidden within the Old Curiosity Museum, this cocktail bar serves up some very weird and wonderful drinks.
  • The Grand (Clapham): A huge venue with an electric programme of quality events ranging from club nights, live gigs to comedy and theatre shows
  • Blame Gloria: Ludicrously retro drinking den in Covent Garden.  Go check out the interiors!
  • The Escapologist: Get your friends together for some pizza and drinks and party likes its 1899!
  • Piano Works: None stop live music!
  • Vaulty Towers: A mad boozer that you could visit a hundred times and still find something new to see!
  • Simmons: Strapped for cash but need a good night out?  Then head to Simmonds late night cocktail bar for music, beers and good vibes.

Free stuff to do all day!

Believe it or not, there are lots to do in London that is completely free.  A sigh of relief for the budgeted traveller. In London, you will be spoilt for choice with free entry to The Tate Modern, The V&A, The Science Museum and The National History Museum plus many more!  Most London parks are free and look out for parades, firework displays and free gigs.  Check out the link and see for yourself the 101 things to do in London (compiled by Visit London).

Best festivals

We LOVE festivals in London.  Chill in a London park listening to some excellent tunes whilst soaking up a vibe only a festival can bring.  And best of all you don’t have to camp in amud bath!  There are so many festivals taking place this year but these are our favourites: 

  • All Points East: This 10-day festival first took place in Victoria Park in 2018 and was a HUGE hit.  Check out their website for this year’s line-up and remember we are not far from the venue so book your stay with us!
  • Love Box : a firm favourite here at The Dictionary, Love Box is a well-established festival which never disappoints!
  • Art’s House – a lovely little London festival:  Only a 20 minute Uber ride away from us, this lovely little festival began as a rave in Art’s a front room but now you can expect his vivacious troupe of dancers, mouth-watering street food, cold craft beers, summer-inspired cocktails and a horde of home comforts including his sofa!
  • Brixton Disco Festival:  A one-day festival, taking place over four venues, celebrating all things D.I.S.C.O.

London Parks

London is such a green city and its many beautiful parks are a testament to how peaceful it can be here.  With free entry, you can run/scoot/bike/skate/walk until your heart’s content or chill with  Londoners as they try and catch some of that much-needed sun during the summer months. Following the link and keep an eye for any free events taking place.

Off the beaten path ….. 

London’s popular tourist attractions are great, but the city is also full of cheaper alternatives for the more adventurous. This list is certainly not exhaustive so get Googling!

Strange and wonderful facts about London! 

And finally, what else do we love about London?  It’s strange and compelling myths.  Who knows how true they all are we love the stories anyway!

  • Burger King sells a $200 burger that is made with Wagyu Beef, white truffles, Pata Negra ham and Cristal champagne onion straws. The burger is only sold once per week in London and proceeds from the sale goes to a London charity.
  • Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital owns the copyright to Peter Pan and receives royalties from all associated works and performances. Author J.M. Barrie — who had no children himself — gifted the rights to the hospital in 1929
  • There have been many things left behind on The London Underground to include a samurai sword, £15000 in cash, a human skull, and a coffin!
  • Street names that sadly no longer exist include Shiteburn Lane, Pissing-Alley, and more than one Gropecunt Lane, which as the name might suggest, was associated with prostitution.
  • Harrods in Knightsbridge sold cocaine until 1916.

Have fun this Valentine’s and hope we have inspired you to come and visit soon!