New year, new you? Oh please – give me a break!

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We’ve almost made it through January, Christmas is a blur and now we get to look forward to London’s coldest winter months! Pay-day is still a week away, we are all skint and then it begins, or more to the point, it has already begun …..

The diet

Suddenly everyone is on diet. Your mum, sister, best-mate and brother have suddenly launched into action and have vowed to re-emerge in about three months as a younger, slimmer and quite frankly, a better version of themselves.  Social media goes into overdrive with promises what your life should be like and apparently we can have it all, if only we had the right car/flat/friends/job etc.  

Real life

But with this bombardment of advertising, which looks so alluring and, more to the point, real, deep down we all know that once that shot has been taken or the video has been paused, real life resumes.  Even the most gorgeous people, photographed on the most beautiful beaches on this planet, still sit on the toilet like the rest of us.

The road less travelled by …..

So how about doing something different with this year in ways that you could make an impact in 2019 to you and possibly the world?  That is our thinking at The Dictionary this year so we have compiled a list of anti-diet-new-you, anti-perfect-life-that-doesn’t-exist-anyway stuff to do for the next 12 months and beyond!! 

Fed up with how the government and political parties are behaving in the UK?  Then become a Member of Parliament (MP). Okay, it doesn’t sound exciting as being that beautiful person on that beach, but politics has never been so dramatic and fuelled with such opposing views.  Globally, all political parties need new and creative solutions and you could drive the change you want to see in this world.

Spare time on your hands?  You don’t always have to part with cash to make a difference to others and there are tonnes are great charities out there who are always looking for help.  It’s also a great way of meeting new people, looks fantastic on your CV and you can gain new skills whilst seeing how the other half really live.

Okay, so we at The Dictionary Hostel are avid travellers so we are biased, but we believe to travel is one of the best ways to break down barriers, eliminate prejudices, deeply understand cultures and find out who you truly are.  Just do it and make sure you come and stay with us 😉

  • Have a social media break

No we are not kidding and yes you will survive.  Take a break once in a while. Trust us, you’ll feel better for it.

Oscar Wilde once said A person who can dominate a London dinner-table can dominate the world”.  Okay, this quote may be replaced with ‘supper clubs’, but you get the idea.  London truly is an amazing city with over 300 languages spoken, home to approximately 60 Universities, FREE exhibitions and museums, we have abundant cool bars and clubs and an entrepreneurial spirit that keeps this city evolving.

Plus we are here. And we are pretty great 😉

Whatever you decide to do with this year, make it count, get yourself out there and maybe walk a different path!  Good luck!

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